Avengers Prank War: How Thor Joined Steve’s Side And Pepper’s Thoughts

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Pepper rubbed her eyes and sat up. The sound that had woken her up came again – Tony yelping. She sighed. He had gone to bed way earlier than usual the night before, so she had been pretty sure something was up. Of course, she had warned Steve of the possibility of an early morning prank.

Pepper put on her robe and headed over to the door. When she stepped into the hallway, she was nearly run over by Tony as  he raced frantically down the hallway.

“Tony…” she called, then sighed. It would probably be a while before she got her answers.

There was the sound of heavier footsteps approaching. Thor rushed into view and slid to a stop in front of Pepper. He gave her a slight head not and a smile of greeting. “Good morning, Pepper. Where–”

Pepper pointed in the direction Tony had gone, and Thor dashed away. She headed in they had come from, and soon another sound emerged: hysterical laughter. She entered the kitchen to find Clint doubled over laughing, Banner hiding a grin, and Steve ignoring both of them as he poured himself a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Pepper put her hands on her hips. “What happened?” She looked at Steve, who was clearly the most sand of the three at the moment.

He shrugged, looking for the milk in the fridge. “Don’t ask me. I walked in on this madness.”

Banner stirred his Coco Puffs. “Well, let’s see. Tony switched out the salt with the sugar, as a prank on Steve, of course, but he clearly forgot that today is Steve’s Lucky Charms day, not his scrambled egg day.”

Pepper rubbed her forehead. “And Thor was the first to find out.”

Banner nodded. “After he dumped half a gallon of what he thought was sugar onto his Frosted Flakes. Thor wouldn’t have known who did it if Tony hadn’t started laughing his head off,” he pointed out, scooping cereal into his mouth. Steve poured his milk and sat down to his cereal.

Clint’s face was cheery red when he finally stopped laughing and caught his breath. “Steve’s gained an ally,” he said, grinning. “At least now it’s two against two.”

Steve began picking out the rainbow charms one by one and eating them. Pepper noticed he was attempting to hide a smile. “Yeah.”

Pepper sat down at the table and poured herself some Cheerios. Clint finally sat down, too, eyeing Banner. “You’re not going to take sides, right?” he asked cautiously.

Banner held up a hand. “I am not getting involved in this. Too risky. And don’t you dare try to get me involved.”

Clint turned his gaze to Pepper, and she leveled her spoon in his direction. “I am the referee. I do not take sides.” She moved her spoon towards her bowl but stopped. “Where’s Natasha?”

Clint shrugged. “Who knows? But she hasn’t taken sides yet, so you don’t have to worry.”

Again, Pepper noticed Steve hiding a grin. She frowned at him, remembering that Natasha had joined his side, but as  soon as he caught her gaze he gave her a quick shake of the head. Pepper decided that if neutrality was not an option, she would definitely be on Steve’s side. She did not want to be going against Natasha.

Clint sighed. “I’d better head to my room. I want to get started at the target range early this morning.” He pushed back his chair and headed off down the hall.

The instant he was out of sight, there was a grating noise overhead. Natasha dropped down from an overhead vent.

“Is the deed done?” Steve asked ominously.

Banner sighed. “How did I know?”

Natasha nodded. “I set up a camera, too. Blackmail.”

“He’s heading there now,” Steve said.

Somewhere else in the tower, there was a high-pitched shriek. Pepper groaned. “Do I even want to know?”

“You know the classic prank with a bucket of water over a door?” Natasha asked. “It’s just that. Except with silly string and water guns.”

Pepper could only sigh.

Avengers’ Isle: Tic Tac Toe

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Red Skull threw aside the stick he was writing in the dirt with, making Banner wince. “Tell no one,” he growled at the guy with the metal arm. Banner was pretty sure the guy’s name was Bucky, but he wasn’t sure. Red Skull wiped out whatever they’d been writing for the past half-hour and motioned for Bucky to follow him out of the clearing. Apparently Red Skull didn’t like being beaten by his minions in tic tac toe.

Banner glanced around. There were still a few natives. Thor was still unconscious, and Fury was leaning his head back against the tree as he slept. How could he sleep?

“Quit staring at me.”

Banner looked away, uncomfortable. So maybe Fury wasn’t asleep. But his one eye was closed, and the other still covered by the eyepatch. “Sorry. I thought you were sleeping.”

Fury opened his eye and looked over at Banner. “You make a habit of watching people while they sleep?”

Banner shook his head. A grunt somewhere in the forest drew his attention away from the director. Two more natives entered the clearing, carrying an unconscious Natasha Romanoff.

“Good,” Fury said, leaning his head back against the tree as the natives tied Natasha to the tree next to Thor.

“Good?” Banner asked. He frowned at Fury. “It’s good that half of the Avengers are tied to trees now?”

“No,” Fury said without opening his eyes. “Good that she’s alive.”

Thor stirred a little and moaned quietly, but didn’t wake up. Banner felt like moaning himself. If he wasn’t in such an uncomfortable position, he’d fall asleep in a heartbeat. He wished this was all over, that he was back in India, working and not hurting anybody, or being hurt.

Red Skull stepped back into the clearing, followed by Bucky. “Well, I trust you two have been resting well, correct?” he asked.

Banner looked over at Fury, who didn’t move. He shrugged. “Not exactly.”

Red Skull sighed and motioned to the clearing. “I’ve been as hospitable as possible.” His eyes went to a spot behind them. “The job’s been done?” he asked.

“Yes,” someone said.

Fury’s eyes popped open. Banner frowned. For once he looked surprised, even shocked. “You’re…”

A guy with brown hair stepped into their view. Banner had no clue who he was, but Fury apparently knew him from the expression on his face. “Miss me?” he asked.

Fury’s eye closed. “Barton.”

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Avengers’ Isle: Separated And Unresponsive

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Thor shot Steve a worried look. The captain had been staring gloomily into the fire ever since he had found him. He didn’t know who this Bucky guy was, but he had certainly had a profound effect of the captain.

Thor had tried once again to retrieve his hammer, but again it hadn’t worked. This island was beginning to give him “the creeps”, as he had heard his fellow Avengers say. It was getting depressing, too, now that the captain was virtually unresponsive.

Thor offered the captain some water from the bucket he had made using a medium sized tree. At least they could get fresh water, even though there wasn’t any food. The captain shook his head, still staring at the fire. Thor frowned. The captain hadn’t accepted any water since Thor had found him, and of course he hadn’t eaten anything, either.

“I’m going to look for food,” Thor said, standing up. The captain didn’t move. Thor sighed and headed into the forest. He was already pretty sure that finding food was hopeless, but it was better than sitting around with the captain.

Thor wandered around, glancing at the various plants and trying to find something he recognized. It seemed so hopeless. There wasn’t even a bug to be seen.

He moved deeper into the forest, doing his best not to touch any plants unless absolutely necessary. A twig cracked nearby, and he whirled around, searching the semi-darkness of the forest. Nothing.

Thor slowly turned back around and felt a sharp prick on the side of his neck. His hand reached for the spot, but couldn’t get there before he collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

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Avengers’ Isle: Common Sense

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Why did guys always have to be so difficult? Natasha growled and tightened her ponytail band. She hated wearing her hair up, but on this dumb island, it was practically necessary.

“But how are we going to eat?” Tony protested. Loki stood to the side, trying to look superior but not able to hide his own concern. “It there’s no food, we’ll – we’ll die!”

Natasha huffed. “I didn’t say there wasn’t any food. I said that I couldn’t find anything. No fish, no birds, no animals.”

“And how is that different?” Tony asked, crossing his arms.

Natasha put her hands on her hips. “Because, genius, there are other things to eat besides meat.” She waved towards the forest. “There’s always plants and things.”

Tony made a face. “Not my food of choice, but if that’s all there is, then let’s get started.” He began to walk towards the forest.

“Good,” Natasha said drily. “Let us know if you find anything poisonous.”

Tony stopped and retraced his steps. “So… maybe not. But can’t we try to find something we recognize?”

Natasha shrugged. “I went through a lot of the surrounding area, but I didn’t see a single plant that looked familiar. Not a single plant. You’d think there would at least be a palm tree or something… but nothing.”

Tony shivered, rubbing his arms. “This is really weird. I don’t like it.”

“You don’t have to like it,” Natasha pointed out. “You just have to deal with it.”

“There’s magic at play here.” Loki’s voice was low. They both turned to him. He waved his hand dismissively. “No, my magic has not come back. I’m just using common sense.”

Tony glared at him. “Are you saying we don’t have common sense?”

Loki tilted his head and gave a small smile. “It does seem to be greatly lacking.”

Tony clenched his fists and stepped up to the Asgardian. “I swear, I–”

Natasha growled and stepped in between them. They were worse than Maximus and Flynn Rider. And she was Rapunzel, trying to keep them from killing each other. Except she certainly was not as patient, naïve, or cheerful. And she hated dresses. “Why don’t you two go look through the forest and see if there’s anything you recognize. Maybe there’s an Asgardian plant or something. Just don’t kill each other or anything.”

The two grumbled their way into the forest, and Natasha closed her eyes and tilted her head back, inhaling deeply. The salty ocean scent smelled pretty good. The only noise was the lapping of the water on the beach. Silence at last. Who knew being on a deserted island could actually be peaceful?

She did a few little things, like gathering more twigs for firewood and – she couldn’t help herself – making a tiny sandcastle. She sighed. Hawkeye would’ve made a sand tower next to her castle. She couldn’t help but wonder if he was okay.

A foot appeared out of nowhere, smushing her sandcastle unknowingly. Natasha leapt to her feet. Loki was fighting back a frown, trying to keep his face neutral. He held Tony in his arms, but set him down in front of Natasha.

The billionaire didn’t move.

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The Avengers: We Have A Tiger – Part Ten

At the request of the amazing erinkenobi2893, I’ve decided to post this Avengers fan fiction I wrote a while back. It’s quite long (twenty-eight pages) so it’s going to be split into quite a few parts. I hope that you will all enjoy it!

*DISCLAIMER: This story is based off of the end of The Avengers. There are illusions to spoilers for said movie, so read with caution, but most are not major. Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 3, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, are not taken into account, and have not been watched by the author. That said, enjoy.

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Part Eight

Part Nine

Fury paced back and forth in the meeting room, not taking his eyes of the screen. The Avengers weren’t answering him over their earpieces, and the door on that stupid warehouse was closed. He clenched his fist. That girl… what was she up to?


Fury looked up at the door. “Agent Hill. We have a possible… complication. They followed the tiger into an empty warehouse. The doors closed after them, while the tiger escaped out the back.”

“The simplest, easiest, dumbest, most obvious trick…” Agent Hill growled, rolling her eyes. “What do you think we should do?”

Fury sighed, his eyes once again on the screen. “The only thing we can do.” He put his finger to his ear. “Thor? I need you in the meeting room.”


“You won’t get away with this,” Natasha declared, gritting her teeth. Could he tie those dumb ropes any tighter?

Loki gave a low laugh, a sneer on his face. He tugged sharply on the end of her rope. “Really, you ‘heroes’ never can come up with something witty to say. You always say that.”

“And it’s always true,” Steve pointed out. His hands were already tied, along with his ankles, and Loki had tied him to a metal chair. Which of course the magnet picked up.

Loki smirked. “Not this time. Although it does concern me that Thor is not here.” He shrugged, his eyes twinkling in evil merriment. “No matter. I believe darling Aila will be a match for him, hmm?” He raised an eyebrow in Natasha’s direction as he strapped her to a metal chair and gave it a shove towards the magnet. She landed next to Stark, whose metal suit had been removed so he could be treated in a similar fashion. Hawkeye and Steve were both on her other side, and the Hulk was secured in a gigantic metal cage, although he was still unconscious.

“Loki?” that familiar, musical voice called from the far side of the warehouse.

Loki whirled around. “Aila! You were supposed to—”

“I did what you told me to,” she replied, lifting an eyebrow as she stepped into view. “I went out the back door. You didn’t say I had to stay out.”

Loki let out a frustrated sigh and put his hand on her arm gently. Natasha raised an eyebrow at the uncharacteristic gentleness and softness she was seeing in him now. The others looked equally bewildered. “Aila, this is no place for you right now,” Loki insisted softly. He paused and glanced over at the Avengers, stuck securely to the magnetic wall. He lowered his voice. “I told you I wanted revenge. This is my time, and I’d prefer that you not witness any, how shall we say this, extensive violence?” He tapped her nose gently with his finger.

She shrugged his hand off her arm. “Don’t worry about me, Loki. Besides, you need me here to help in case SHIELD plans a rescue mission for some reason.”

Loki let out a low chuckle. “I’m not worried about SHIELD. After all, I have plenty of hostages,” he said, motioning to the wall. “You need not be here, darling.”

“Darling?” Cap asked incredulously. Stark seemed to suddenly have some sort of throat problem, as he was choking and coughing. Natasha and Clint simply stared at Loki.

“He has a heart. An actual, real, emotional heart,” Natasha finally stammered, her voice laced with disbelief.

“I’m beginning to feel insulted…” Loki growled threateningly, his eyes narrowed.

“But, dear, I thought you wanted people to think you were heartless,” Aila said, her lovely brow furrowing with confusion. “This means that you accomplished that. You fooled them.”

A slow grin spread across Loki’s face. “Oh, sweetheart, you always know how to cheer me up.” He traced his finger along her jawbone and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“I’m gonna throw up,” Stark grumbled, changing his position in his chair.

Loki gently pushed Aila towards the door she came out of. “At least stay out of the room, honey?” She left, and Loki turned to the magnetic wall. A man walked into the room and handed Loki a knife and a short dagger. He smirked at his hostages. “Who wants to go first?”

The Avengers: We Have A Tiger – Part Nine

At the request of the amazing erinkenobi2893, I’ve decided to post this Avengers fan fiction I wrote a while back. It’s quite long (twenty-eight pages) so it’s going to be split into quite a few parts. I hope that you will all enjoy it!

*DISCLAIMER: This story is based off of the end of The Avengers. There are illusions to spoilers for said movie, so read with caution, but most are not major. Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 3, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, are not taken into account, and have not been watched by the author. That said, enjoy.

Part One

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Part Eight

Banner tried to keep from tensing up as he left the building. He wondered if tigers could sense fear, and, if so, if it would make them more eager to kill. He shuddered at the thought and tried to ignore it. He walked towards the place Fury had given him the coordinates for. Before long, he didn’t need the sheet; he just followed the terrified screams of shock.

The screams stopped, and so did Banner. Had the tiger disappeared, or turned back into Aila, or had the people just been killed? He shuddered at the thought. Should he go on?

The next instant, he was hit from the side by an orange and black blur. The tiger’s force made him slide down an alley, dust in the air around him. He stood up and roared as the… other guy came out. He lunged for the tiger, but it easily sidestepped him and pounced on his back, digging in its claws. He roared in pain and flailed his arms as he tried to get a grip on the monster clinging to his huge green back. Stupid thing.


“Ouch,” Cap muttered as he stared at the screen over Stark’s shoulder, where they could see the tiger clinging to the Hulk’s back. “Do you think we should go help him?” he asked Fury.

Fury shook his head slowly. “Let’s give them some time and see what happens.”

The tiger finally released its grip on the Hulk’s back and turned as if to run away, but the Hulk roared and grabbed its hind leg and slammed it into the ground. Several times.

“Reminds me of what he did to Loki,” Clint remarked. Stark chuckled.

The tiger finally managed to escape the Hulk’s grip and slipped down and alley, its speed giving it a head start on the surprised Hulk. “Go,” Fury instructed, and all four of the Avengers at the table leapt to their feet and took off.

Stark took off in his suit, with the trio below following his directions as he tracked the Hulk and the tiger from above. They managed to take a short cut and soon found themselves racing along behind the Hulk. The tiger led them on a crazy journey around the city, people running out of their way. They were almost within grabbing distance of the cat when it ran through the open door of an empty warehouse.

They managed to get the Hulk to stop, and Stark landed next to them. “We going in?” he asked.

“That’s the only thing I think we can do,” Steve said reluctantly. He looked at the door and stepped inside, the rest of the group following behind him.

The warehouse was dark, with only a little bit of light coming in through the boarded up windows. They made their way in deeper cautiously. There was no sign of the tiger.

Steve was still in the lead when he heard a loud thud behind him, and then an even louder buzzing noise. He froze and whirled around, along with the rest of the group, their eyes on the unconscious Hulk on the floor. Stark seemed to be sliding across the floor and then flew up into the air, slamming into the wall. “Get out!” he yelled. “It’s a magnet!”

Steve’s shield flew off his back as he reached for it, and joined Stark on the magnetic wall, as did Natasha’s gun and Hawkeye’s bow and arrows. “The door!” Hawkeye cried, shoving Natasha towards it as it started to close. It was too late. It slammed with a thud.

“Don’t worry, your perfectly safe. Dear Aila isn’t in here. You need not worry about her,” a sugary sweet voice, as cool as ice, said from behind them. Somehow, unfortunately, familiar. “You need only worry about me.”

The Avengers: We Have A Tiger – Part Seven

At the request of the amazing erinkenobi2893, I’ve decided to post this Avengers fan fiction I wrote a while back. It’s quite long (twenty-eight pages) so it’s going to be split into quite a few parts. I hope that you will all enjoy it!

*DISCLAIMER: This story is based off of the end of The Avengers. There are illusions to spoilers for said movie, so read with caution, but most are not major. Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 3, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, are not taken into account, and have not been watched by the author. That said, enjoy.

Part One

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Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

“I can’t believe this,” Fury muttered, pacing back and forth behind his desk. “I just can’t believe this.”

“Of all the stupid things…” Stark growled. He turned to face Thor getting right up in his face. “If you hadn’t been so stupid—”

“Guys,” Cap interrupted, putting a hand on Stark’s arm. “Really. That doesn’t matter now. And, Stark, you may want to remember that Thor’s stronger than you when you’re not suited up. Just a thought.” Stark turned around and plopped in a chair still grumbling to himself under his breath.

“Her last words were obviously meant to apply to Thor’s early statement,” Fury said, turning to face them. “You said that she didn’t look like she’d work for Loki, and you also said that she didn’t look like a threat, so when she said that looks can be deceiving, her meaning was clear. She works for Loki, and she is a threat.”

“Well, duh,” Stark snapped. “Anyone who goes riding off on a hovercraft thingy with Loki certainly works for him, and anyone who can morph into a tiger is a threat.”

Fury glared at him. “Stark, we need to cooperate to be able to figure all of this out. First off. Does anyone think they’d be able to fight at close range with a tiger?”

Hawkeye snorted. “Count me out.” Natasha nodded in agreement.

Cap shook his head. “I don’t think I could.”

Stark looked doubtful. “Possibly, but I’m not sure. Even in the suit, I’d be outweighed, and possibly outsized.”

“I might, but I doubt it,” Thor put in.

“You’re not going anywhere near that kid,” Stark growled, glaring in Thor’s direction. Cap put his hand on Stark’s arm, warning him.

“I think I could.”

Everyone turned to face Banner. He shrugged. “Well, if we’re talking about weight, the, uh, other guy would probably be a pretty good match for a tiger.”

Fury contemplated him. “The Hulk would probably be the best match,” he agreed slowly. “Are you sure you’d want to risk that, Banner?”

Banner shrugged again. “I don’t have much to lose.”

Fury nodded. “Well, then, if we have any concerns with the tiger, Banner will be the one to handle it. If needed all of the rest of you will help him. Got it?” Everyone nodded. “All right, let’s all take a break. All we can do now is try to figure out where Loki’s going to strike next, or wait for him to move.” He sighed. “Unfortunately, I think we’re going to have to use the second tactic.”

The Avengers: We Have A Tiger – Part Six

At the request of the amazing erinkenobi2893, I’ve decided to post this Avengers fan fiction I wrote a while back. It’s quite long (twenty-eight pages) so it’s going to be split into quite a few parts. I hope that you will all enjoy it!

*DISCLAIMER: This story is based off of the end of The Avengers. There are illusions to spoilers for said movie, so read with caution, but most are not major. Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 3, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, are not taken into account, and have not been watched by the author. That said, enjoy.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Thor woke up early, so early that the sun was just starting to peek over the horizon. He couldn’t fall back asleep so he decided he might as well get ready for his day. After putting on his armor and grabbing his hammer he wandered down the hallway, not sure where he was going. No one else seemed to be awake yet.

He found himself in front of the cell area. He sighed and pushed open the door. What was it about this girl that drew him to her?

He walked quietly down the hallway, past cells with sleeping prisoners in them, and reached Aila’s cell. She was lying on the bed, her knees tucked into her chest, her face peaceful as she slept. He could see where tears had dried on her cheeks and felt a huge pain in his chest. He stared at her. Why did he long so much to pull her to his chest and assure her that everything would be okay? He shook his head. She looked so frail on that cot, behind that horrible glass. She hadn’t even done anything. He unlocked the door.

Aila leaped to her feet, her eyes wide as he stepped into the cell. Then her eyes narrowed. “What are you doing here?” she asked, her suspicion and her curiosity clearly fighting against each other.

Thor felt his breath catch in his throat. Those blue, tear-stained eyes… He turned around, fighting for control of his breathing and stepped out of the cell, purposefully leaving the door open behind him. He started to head down the hallway, then turned and looked back at her. She was staring at him. He gave a slight nod, and Aila stepped cautiously to the doorway and headed down the hall and out of the cell area. Thor headed back towards his room, wondering how, and why, he had done that.


“That was a waste of time,” Cap grumbled as they headed towards a side entrance at the SHIELD building. “We didn’t learn anything at all.”

“Sure we did,” Stark responded. “We figured out that Loki blew up the Stark Tower, and completely destroyed it.”

“We already knew that,” Cap reminded him.

“We only suspected it,” Stark responded opening the door. “Now we know for sure.”

“Shush,” Banner said. “It’s still early. We don’t want to bother anybody – oof!” Someone hurrying around the corner ran right into him.

“I’m sorry,” the blond woman apologized and moved to go around them.

“Hold it,” Cap said, grabbing her arm. “What are you doing? You’re the kid we caught in the hallway. Fury said he’d keep you locked up until we got here, and he doesn’t know we’re back yet.”

She glared at him. “I’m not a kid,” she snarled, trying to twist her arm out of Steve’s grip.

“Nope, you’re coming with us to the meeting room,” Stark said. “I’ll let Fury know we’re here.”

About twenty minutes later, Fury and the Avengers were back in the same meeting room once again. Aila was sitting in a chair, her wrists tied behind her back with a belt; the only thing Cap could find on short notice.

“All right, what’s going on? How did you get out of the cell?” Fury asked, his gaze fixed on Aila. Her jaw was clenched and her lips pursed. Clint could be heard growling under his breath. Fury threw up his hands and turned to the others. “Does anybody here know anything about this?” Everyone shook their heads. “Aila?” Fury asked. “If you don’t cooperate…” He let the threat hang in the air.

She tilted her head to the side, her blue eyes fixed on Fury. “Someone let me out,” she said sweetly.

Fury turned to the Avengers. “Who let her out?” he growled.

Thor took a deep breath. “I did.”

“Are you crazy?” Natasha asked.

“What if she’s working for Loki?” Fury asked, anger clouding his eyes. “Why would you let her out?”

Thor stood up and motioned to Aila. “Look at her! Does she look like she would work for my brother? He believes women are weak, and has no interest in them. She was probably part of a dare, something stupid. Does she even look like a threat?”

“That doesn’t matter,” Fury replied. “She was unauthorized to be in SHIELD, and—” He broke off as Aila stood up. Her eyes were fixed on him, narrowed. Natasha gasped as swirls of green began to appear in Aila’s eyes. The green color took over as tinges of orange traveled down her blond hair. Nothing happened for a second after her eyes turned completely green and her hair completely orange. The next instant, Aila’s body writhed as she yanked her hands – no, paws – free from the rope. A tiger now stood there, in their meeting room.

No one moved, struck with fear, surprise, and confusion, as the tiger stared at Fury for another moment, then loped over to the huge windows. One swipe of its giant paw, and one of the panes of glass shattered. The tiger turned back to them and morphed back into Aila, back to her blue eyes and blond hair. “Looks can be deceiving,” she said, eyes locked with Thor, before turning and leaping out of the window.

All of them ran to the windows, looking out. Aila was falling straight down. Hawkeye brought out his bow and prepared to jump down to save her, but Natasha grabbed his arm. A small, motorcycle-like flying machine zoomed around the corner of the SHIELD building, catching Aila. It circled back around, higher this time, and closer to the window, until they could see the pilot.

“Loki,” Cap snarled.

The pair flew out of sight.

The Avengers: We Have A Tiger – Part Five

At the request of the amazing erinkenobi2893, I’ve decided to post this Avengers fan fiction I wrote a while back. It’s quite long (twenty-eight pages) so it’s going to be split into quite a few parts. I hope that you will all enjoy it!

*DISCLAIMER: This story is based off of the end of The Avengers. There are illusions to spoilers for said movie, so read with caution, but most are not major. Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 3, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, are not taken into account, and have not been watched by the author. That said, enjoy.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Thor made his way back to the meeting room, disheartened. The other three turned when he walked into the room. He shook his head. “She’s upset with me for telling you her name. She wouldn’t talk. All she said was that she’s older than most people think and she’s not a little kid.”

“I’m surprised you got that much out of her,” Hawkeye muttered.

Natasha poked him with her elbow. “What do we do now?” she asked.

“Stark said they’d check in as soon as they’d checked some things out, so we’ll just wait for him to contact us,” Fury said. “That’s about all we can do right now.”

The waiting seemed to last forever, but finally an agent notified them that Stark was calling from a payphone in a hotel. Fury put the phone on speakerphone. “Yes? What’s your news?” he asked.

Stark sighed, his voice crackling over the phone. “It’s not good. The tower is completely leveled. There’s absolutely nothing left. There’s no signs of who did it or how. Although…” His voice trailed off.

“What?” Fury asked. They heard muttering on the other end of the line.

“Well, Cap and Banner both think they saw someone watching us from the roof of a nearby building. We can’t be sure, but they think it might have been… Loki.” The tension in the meeting room increased dramatically. “We’re pretty sure he’s the one who blew up the tower, whether that was him up there or not,” Stark continued. “What about you guys? How did your interrogation go?”

Clint growled, but Fury sent him a glare. “Not so good. She won’t talk.”

Stark’s sigh could be heard by all of them. “Well, I doubt she has any connection to Loki. She was probably just part of a prank, you know, like those kids who dare each other to try to sneak into the building. She’s probably harmless.”

“I hope so,” Fury responded. “We’ll keep her here until you guys have a crack at her. What’s your next course of action?”

“We’ll probably stick around here a little longer and see if we can find anything,” Stark said. “It may be a while before we get back.”

“Okay,” Fury replied. “Signing off.” He shut down the call and turned to them. “There’s not much we can do until they get back, so just get some rest and be ready for when they get back. I’ll call you when they get here.” The groups split up and headed to their rooms to rest.

Avengers’ Isle

I finally finished this Gilligan’s Island theme song re-mix. It was so. Much. Fun. I hope you enjoy it! I may try to create a video for it, but for now, the Gilligan’s Island theme song must suffice. I may create a story or two based off of this as well. Mwa ha ha! Stay tuned for the Avenger’s Bunch – Brady Bunch remix. 😉

Avengers’ Isle

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,

A tale of a fateful trip,

That started from this tropic port,

Aboard this giant ship.


The director was a mighty sailing man,

The Captain brave and sure,

Five passengers set sail that day,

For a three hour tour,

A three hour tour.


The firing started getting rough,

The giant ship was tossed.

If not for the courage of the fearless crew,

The helicarrier would be lost,

The helicarrier would be lost.


The ship set ground on the shore of this

Uncharted desert isle.

With Iron Man,

The Captain too,

With Tho-or,

And the Hulk,

The Black Widow,

Hawkeye and Nick Fury,

Here on Avengers’ Isle!