In The Book Room

The Book Room connected to Bri’s office is one of your favorite places. Bri stores all of her past interviews and stories in there, and it’s stuffed full. You’ve already checked out some of the interviews, and now you’ve decided that it’s time to move on to the stories. The arrangement baffles you, though, so you decide to ask her for help.

“Bri?” you ask, sticking your head out of the door.

“Hmm?” She doesn’t look up from the paper she’s writing on for a few seconds, and then she finally sets down her pencil. “What do you need?”

“Can you come help me? The story section is a little confusing to me. I don’t know what your cataloguing system is,” you tell her.

“Oh, okay,” she says, pausing the music coming from her laptop and standing up.

“The Avenger’s soundtrack again?” you ask, grinning.

“It’s inspiring,” she insists.

You hide another smile as you head into the Book Room together. You point to the shelves labeled stories. Bri nods. “This first set of shelves is for short stories. Some of them are longer, but I put a lot of flash fiction in that category too. This shelf has all of the episodes for my Avengers’ Isle story, which you’d probably enjoy. And then their are shelves for my published works. Feel free to dig around. I’m always adding more in here, too. Let me know what you think of everything!” she calls over her shoulder as she leaves you alone to explore.

Use the sub-pages above to dig into the Book Room!

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