Avengers’ Isle: Tic Tac Toe

Hello, everyone! Again, I apologize for not posting a part last week. Time keeps seeming to run away from me. I guess you can expect an Avengers’ Isle post every other week now… but we’ll see.

Red Skull threw aside the stick he was writing in the dirt with, making Banner wince. “Tell no one,” he growled at the guy with the metal arm. Banner was pretty sure the guy’s name was Bucky, but he wasn’t sure. Red Skull wiped out whatever they’d been writing for the past half-hour and motioned for Bucky to follow him out of the clearing. Apparently Red Skull didn’t like being beaten by his minions in tic tacΒ toe.

Banner glanced around. There were still a few natives. Thor was still unconscious, and Fury was leaning his head back against the tree as he slept. How could he sleep?

“Quit staring at me.”

Banner looked away, uncomfortable. So maybe Fury wasn’t asleep. But his one eye was closed, and the other still covered by the eyepatch. “Sorry. I thought you were sleeping.”

Fury opened his eye and looked over at Banner. “You make a habit of watching people while they sleep?”

Banner shook his head. A grunt somewhere in the forest drew his attention away from the director. Two more natives entered the clearing, carrying an unconscious Natasha Romanoff.

“Good,” Fury said, leaning his head back against the tree as the natives tied Natasha to the tree next to Thor.

“Good?” Banner asked. He frowned at Fury. “It’s good that half of the Avengers are tied to trees now?”

“No,” Fury said without opening his eyes. “Good that she’s alive.”

Thor stirred a little and moaned quietly, but didn’t wake up. Banner felt like moaning himself. If he wasn’t in such an uncomfortable position, he’d fall asleep in a heartbeat. He wished this was all over, that he was back in India, working and not hurting anybody, or being hurt.

Red Skull stepped back into the clearing, followed by Bucky. “Well, I trust you two have been resting well, correct?” he asked.

Banner looked over at Fury, who didn’t move. He shrugged. “Not exactly.”

Red Skull sighed and motioned to the clearing. “I’ve been as hospitable as possible.” His eyes went to a spot behind them. “The job’s been done?” he asked.

“Yes,” someone said.

Fury’s eyes popped open. Banner frowned. For once he looked surprised, even shocked. “You’re…”

A guy with brown hair stepped into their view. Banner had no clue who he was, but Fury apparently knew him from the expression on his face. “Miss me?” he asked.

Fury’s eye closed. “Barton.”

Like to wake up Natasha and Thor, comment to start shaking some sense into Hawkeye…

42 thoughts on “Avengers’ Isle: Tic Tac Toe

  1. I’m literally crying over here… NO… HAWKEYE… NOOOOOOOOOO.

    Why?!?! I’m so sad… Clint was one of my favorites… πŸ˜₯
    First it was Bucky, now it’s Clint?!
    …I won’t be able to go to sleep anymore till next week now.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi! I really like reading your Avengers Isle posts and I always loved the suspense and such. But this… this is CRAZY!!!!! I love it, but this… I don’t know what this is!!!! Hawkeye and Bucky are working for the Red Skull and Loki, Thor, Tony and Natasha are unconscious. WHAT IS THE RED SKULL DOING?!?!? Sorry… I’m just really, really shocked.

    Why is Hawkeye doing this? And I.. I’m so confused… I thought I knew my superheroes….

    You should also make this into a movie or something like that when it’s done.

    By the way, what is Captain America doing?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. *starts walloping Loki in the head* Gah. You. Little. Bugger. GIVE ME MY HAWKEYE BACK.
    Yes, Natasha, I know that this may not be the most effective way to go about it, but it’s certainly the most satisfying.

    Liked by 1 person

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