The Avengers: We Have A Tiger – Part Eleven

At the request of the amazing erinkenobi2893, I’ve decided to post this Avengers fan fiction I wrote a while back. It’s quite long (twenty-eight pages) so it’s going to be split into quite a few parts. I hope that you will all enjoy it!

*DISCLAIMER: This story is based off of the end of The Avengers. There are illusions to spoilers for said movie, so read with caution, but most are not major. Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 3, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, are not taken into account, and have not been watched by the author. That said, enjoy.

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Banner groaned as he woke up. His head ached horribly, and he couldn’t remember what had happened. He saw a pair of pants lying next to him and figure out that he’d Hulked out, but other than that, he couldn’t remember anything. He yanked on the pants and sat up, his head throbbing as he did so. He was in a huge cage. Hulk-size, he thought. His back throbbed, and by turning his head, he could just barely see the claw marks. The memories came flooding back. The tiger. The warehouse.

He turned around and felt the room shift out of focus. Whoever knocked him out certainly hit him hard enough. The room came into focus, and for a second he thought he was going to pass out at the sight. Natasha, Clint, and Steve were all tied to metal chairs that were somehow hanging on the wall close to him. He could see a huge knot on Clint’s forehead, Steve had a nasty looking cut on his cheek, and Natasha’s arm was twisted back at a horrible angle. They all looked like they’d been through a war, but Stark, whose chair was standing in the middle of the warehouse, looked like he was enjoying himself, even though he looked just as bad. Loki was standing in front of him, pacing back and forth.

“Oh, leave him alone, Stark, come on,” Steve called out. His voice was hoarse and tired.

Loki tossed a dagger in Steve’s direction, which sliced deeply into Steve’s arm and clattered to the floor. Banner felt anger burn hot inside of him as he saw an expression of pain flash across Steve’s face. But the cage was solid, and Hulking out wouldn’t do him any good.

Loki turned back to Stark. “You insulting, sarcastic…” his voice trailed off as he traced his larger knife along Stark’s neck. Loki stabbed a third dagger through Stark’s shoulder, pinning it to the chair. Stark clenched his teeth together, sweat on his forehead. “Oh, look,” Loki said, casting a glance in Banner’s direction. “The monster awakes. Do not worry, Banner. You are next. You may find I am not quite as puny as you think.”

Banner winced at the reference. At that moment, a man burst into the room, followed by none other than Aila. “I thought you said there’d be horrible violence,” she said to Loki teasingly.

Loki frowned at her. “Leave, Aila. Now.”

“Sir,” the man who had entered the room with Aila said awkwardly. “I, well, uh…” he sighed. “Thor’s here.”

Loki’s face darkened. “Aila, leave.” He turned to the man. “Where is Thor?”

“He’s heading this way. He landed on a nearby building, and we think he’s coming this way,” the man replied.

“I’ll meet him out front or around back, whichever way he comes,” Loki said, smirking. “My brother. He never learns, does he?”

“No, he doesn’t,” Aila agreed.

Loki glared at her. “I said—”

“Loki, just shut up and get moving, will you? I’ll be… quite a big help,” Aila said, a sly smile on her lips.

Loki sighed. “Whatever you wish, my dear.”