An Update On Writing And Life (Complete With Memes)

Hello, everyone! I realized that I hadn’t really done a post about writing in a while… so why not.

Lately, school has been horrendous. Especially physics…

"You should see the looks on your faces because you look-ridicul

Drivers’ ed has been pretty time consuming, too.


And no, I haven’t totaled our car. Or even gotten into an accident. Although I did kind of run over a curb and scrape up the bottom of the car… But never mind that. (Those two memes were made by yours truly, the rest aren’t.) But alas, homeschooling. Contrary to popular belief…

really homeschooler




And not all of us sleep in until noon and stay in our pajamas and don’t do anyΒ schoolwork.


But besides loads of schoolwork, and co-op…


…there have also been chores…


…and taking care of the dog.


Not my dog. Oh, and music lessons.


Except I play the piano. Then writing.


Sometimes I get distracted by reading, though…

Or coming up with plot twists.


But basically…


That is the hardest part. The funniest part?


So, enough with the memes. For now. My current work in progress has been going pretty slow (hence the next to last meme) but I am currently just over ninety pages, which makes it the longest story I’ve ever written. You may have noticed that I adjusted my word count goal on the sidebar. That’s mostly because it is certainly not going to be 60,000 words. It’s around 25,ooo words right now (amazing for me!) and it’ll probably be around 30,000 words/100 pages when I finish.

I know I said enough with the memes, but this one (made by me from this song) pretty much sums everything up.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this and laughed along the way! πŸ˜€

31 thoughts on “An Update On Writing And Life (Complete With Memes)

  1. Physics can be rough, I agree. I mean, I generally like it because it’s usually predictable and doesn’t involve much beyond finding the right formula for the problem and plugging the numbers in, but some parts are annoying. Like when they give you a problem that’s really, really similar to a kind of problem you’ve been doing for ages, but there’s one teensy difference that you don’t notice and so you spend ages trying to figure out why you got it wrong. >.< And yeah. Sorry for the rant.
    Also, that "Plot Twist" meme is giving me ideas. No idea if I'll act on them, but . . . I need to double-check the accepted fandoms for your fanfic challenge.

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    • Physics is my favorite science class, but sometimes it’s confusing. And the reading is awfully time consuming. πŸ˜›
      Ooh, I know!!! I nearly wrote a story based off of it… nearly. And both Tangled and the Chronicles of Narnia are on the approved list. πŸ˜‰


        • I use Apologia, Exploring Creation Through Physics. The modules are super long, but it’s not too bad… I can read it in one sitting, but it has to be a reaaaaally long sitting. πŸ˜›
          Hopefully! We’ve still got two weeks, and I’m thinking of doing a word war to get people motivated.


        • Ah. I used that curriculum until last year, when we switched to BJU for chemistry, and now I’m using Saxon for Physics. Which I’m kind of glad of- there’s a lot more questions, but the reading and tests are easier.
          Has anyone submitted anything yet?

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  2. Lol I laughed at all those gifs. Fantastic post! I kinda wished I was homeschooled because my school gives crazy amounts of work. I’m figuratively going insane-r than I already am from the work they’re piling on top of us. And I think I would look rather smashing in overalls, don’t you agree?


  3. HAHAHAHA! *choking on my laughter* Love it! *thoughtful voice* of course, I don’t recall not liking anything you posted… hmm, maybe I’m partial to you, *gasps at this revolutionary epiphany* AHA! I gots it!

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