TCWT April 2015 Blog Chain: Hello, Ms. Romanoff

My first time doing the Teens Can Write, Too blog chain… and I’m late. *sigh* Somehow I read that I was to post on the 16th, and I was really supposed to post on the 6th.Β I take complete responsibility. I was originally planning on doing a letter to fictional couples in general, since I couldn’t think of one in particular, and then… BAM. The Age of Ultron TV spot reminded me of one… and I went ahead and started over. πŸ˜›

Dear my beloved friend,

Hello, Ms. Romanoff. Look, I know you have trouble, surrounded by five guys, not to mention all those other SHIELD agents, but please. Could you just settle on one guy? I know you probably never took Tony seriously, of course.Β I *cough* haven’t watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but from what I’ve heard, there’s a little romance between you and Steve. And then in The Avengers… don’t you remember? Loki saying all the stuff about love and “you bargain for one man” and “KNEEL” and all that nonsense? You wouldn’t even have come in if Clint hadn’t been compromised.

And now the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailers hint at a relationship between you and Dr. Banner. Really? Please tell me you’re not going to fall in love with Thor in Thor 3. Seriously. You switching around from guy to guy is really, really annoying! You really should just pick one and settle down. While still working for SHIELD and the Avengers, of course.

IΒ hope you will seriously take this into consideration. Also, please note that I am fully a Clintasha supporter. Just sayin’.

Yours truly,


5th –

6th –Β (*cough* 16th…)

7th –

8th –

9th –

10th –Β (Hey, if you liked my letter… she wrote one to Pepperony and Peggy and Steve! πŸ˜‰ )

11th –

12th –

13th –Β 

14th –

15th –

16th –Β (*cough* And me, too!)

17th –

18th –

19th –

20th –

21st –

22nd –

23rd –

24th –Β 

25th –

26th –

27th –

28th –


29th – and

30th –

andΒ (We’ll announce the topic for next month’s chain.)

Are you doing the chain? Which couple would you want to write a letter to? And, most importantly, who do you ship Natasha with? πŸ˜€

35 thoughts on “TCWT April 2015 Blog Chain: Hello, Ms. Romanoff

  1. CLINTASHA FOREVER. =D I would write to Farawyn or Maddie-Abram from The Legends of the Guardian-King, two couples I love. Oooh, or maybe I’d write to Padme and ask her WHAT DID YOU EVER SEE IN ANAKIN? *cough*

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  2. Great job!
    I kinda took it as a given that she was with hawkeye in avengers… Though she is sweet with Steve. Cautious on that one. Nat needs Peggy’s permission first. πŸ˜‰
    I think I’d write to Westley and Buttercup. Or the couple from the Peleg chronicles. I won’t say who cuz it would ruin the story. πŸ˜›

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  3. Clintasha sounds awesomeβ€”although in my opinion, her relationship with Steve is strictly as a friend. She’s his wingwoman and getter-out-of-troubler. The kissing wasn’t serious. But that’s just my opinion. If it’s her job to take over the Avengers, then I probably won’t complain, but here’s to hoping we see some Clintasha soon. πŸ™‚

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  4. Ha, what a coincidence! I just posted about why I think there should be a Black Widow movie. (A solo might force her to settle down ;P)

    I don’t think there’s much Steve/Nat in Cap 2 — Natasha is mainly trying to get Steve to date other people, so she’s playing matchmaker. As for Clint — well, Avengers 1 certainly set that relationship up, but I suppose we can give them a bit of leeway since Nat did imply it wasn’t love, just partnership. Let’s see how Avengers 2 goes before judging the Bruce/Nat ship πŸ˜€

    But honestly, I totally agree with your sentiment that whoever she chooses doesn’t matter — so long as she continues kicking butt.

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    • Haha! Yes, they should definitely do a solo movie, but I think they should do a backstory movie. She’s got a lot of history, and I think it would be awesome. πŸ˜€
      I still think she’s best with Clint. Her and Banner is just too weird. πŸ˜› And Hawkeye needs a reason to stay!!!!


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  6. It’s not, technically, romance in CA:TWS, by the way. It’s actually a story about Natasha becoming the friend that Steve needs, and Steve just being the friend that Natasha needs. (I’m with you to the end of the line *cries*)
    At one point during the movie, Steve confronted Natasha about her tendency to make things up and fluid-ify the truth–she just looked so sad as she said “It’s a good way not to die, though”, and asked him “Who do you want me to be?” It wasn’t flirting in the same way normal people flirt. She was trying to determine what he wanted from her so she could change herself to fit that, but he wasn’t going to let her just slip back into old habits. He answered “How about a friend?”, implying that if she doesn’t know how to be just herself, she can start by being a friend, and says that she can be herself around him, he just doesn’t like it that she lies, he’s not going to judge her. (When Steve Rogers asks you to be a friend, what he really means is he’s going to stick by you until the bitter end, no matter what you do, and will always do the thing that he believes will be best for you, and will tell you the things you need to hear, whether you like it or not. His is the sort of friendship that is determined to help you be the very best person you can be, and tries to be fun at the same time.)
    Yes, I analyzed this scene to pieces. :-S It was… so beautiful…
    Actually, I just had an idea for writing a short story about Steve pre-serum. He’s told by one of his teachers (who’s irritated with his low grades–which tends to happen to even the brightest of kids who get bullied a lot–but who also can’t see that Steve is actually very intelligent and there’s something else going on) in high school that he’s never going to amount to anything, he’s never going to make his mark on the world. But rather than going up and meeting the movie, I’m going to focus on Steve being a friend and making his mark that way…
    I’m not much of a shipper… I ship Siriwan, but write them more platonic, and Pepperony–BEST. SHIP. NAME. EVER.– and Steve/Peggy. Also Sherlolly, because Molly deserves to get the guy. X-D And I ship Mycake just for fun. By the way, seeing Mark Gatiss with blond hair in Doctor Who was mentally scarring. Bye! *parachutes away*

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