Live Q&A Post And A Short Writing Update

Hullo, friends! Since July is halfway over (whaaat????) and we only have about two weeks left for the fan art contest (and we have a few new submissions, too!). I have a cover reveal scheduled for tomorrow, but for this week, I thought it would be fun to do a live Q&A with you guys! A while back, I made some post idea suggestions, and many of you liked the idea of a live Q&A post, where you guys post questions in the comments, and I answer them! You can ask me about anything from writing to reading and books, or my own books or anything (within reason, of course). I’ll be answering those questions throughout this week, so ask away!

And while you’re coming up with questions for me, I have one for you! What writing-related topics would you like to see me post about? Comment below with your questions for me and what writing posts you’d like to see me do!

And a short writing update: I may have mentioned once or twice that I’m working on a superhero retelling of Snow White for the Rooglewood Press Contest, and I’m super excited about it! I just hit 10,000 words, which means I’m at least halfway done. It’s a lot of fun, and I’m excited to see where it goes (and let you guys read it, too!).

Now, enough about my writing! Unless you want to ask questions about it, that is. 🙂 Post your questions below, and I’ll be sure to answer them as soon as I can! And don’t forget to suggest some writing-related posts, too! Thanks, friends!

6 thoughts on “Live Q&A Post And A Short Writing Update

    • Thanks for the question, Emrys! My outlining process varies. Usually, I’ll start out with a vague idea of where the story is going, and then I’ll plot out a set of bullet points, where each point is an event in the story. Sometimes I’m super detailed, other times it’s really vague and just the really big points. Occasionally, I’ll get an idea and just start writing, without any planning at all, too! XD Great question!


  1. Yay!! You’re retelling sounds amazing!! I’d love to see some snippets…? 😉

    My questions for you are:
    What inspired you to write Twinepathy?
    Do you outline?
    Do you have a crush on any of YOUR fictional characters? 🙂
    Did you always want to be a writer?

    As for post ideas…What about some helpful tips for writing different things, like dialogue, imagery, setting, etc? I’d love to see that! ^_^

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    • I was actually going to post a snipped in the Q&A, but I couldn’t figure out which section to put in! It’s hard to figure that out without being too spoilery. XD

      -Mostly, I wanted to write a superhero story, and as I started to try and come up with a team of heroes, I saw one of those Twinepathy challenge videos on Youtube (probably Brooklyn and Bailey’s), and I wondered what it would be like if that were really a thing. After that, I just started writing it! 😀
      -Sometimes I do, usually with only a vague series of events. With Twinepathy, I didn’t at all, which was… interesting. XD I think I actually prefer working without an outline, which is what I’m doing with my WIP.
      – Oh yes. If I don’t have a crush on a character, it’ll be hard for me to write him in a way that makes the reader get a crush on him. 😉 So yes, I have a crush on Blaze, and Anvil. There are also a few in my WIP that I have crushes on, too.
      -Not really. When I was little, I wanted to be a veterinarian, until I realized I’d have to deal with animals in pain all the time. 😦 It’s hard to point to a time when I decided I wanted to be a published writer. It was more of a, “Hey, why don’t I try out self-publishing?” thing, rather than “I want to be an author!” 🙂

      Those are great ideas! I’m already planning one on writing superheroes, so some more general writing posts would be great! (And for imagery, I can use Star Wars examples!!!) 😀 Thank you for your comment, Madeline!!

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      • Haha, yeah, it’d be hard to not be spoilery. XD

        – Ooh, those Twinepathy challenge videos are fun! 😀
        – Interesting! I know for me, I need an outline, otherwise I get stuck really often… 😛
        – I’m not alone! Yay! 😉
        – Haha, I wanted to be a veterinarian too! But yeah, then I realized I’d have to deal with animal’s pain a little more than I’d originally thought. 🙂

        Glad you like them! Ooh, can’t wait for that superheroes post! I’m trying to write a superhero novel, so that’ll really be helpful! (Yes, please use Star Wars and include lots of gifs!! 😀 ) You’re very welcome! ❤

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