Writings About Writing – On Trips

If you’ve been wondering about the lack of posts lately, it’s becasue I’m on a trip.

Well, I’m not on one right now. Right now it is Wednesday, July 2nd. 2014. So, yes, this is a pre-written post. So, yes, I’m not here while you’re reading this. So, yes… this is confusing. Let’s get back on topic.

Writing on trips. Sometimes, trips are the worst times to write. So much is going on, and you just want a break. But other times, like on an airplane, or if you’re in a car and someone else is driving, it’s the perfect time to write. I tend to find these times are when I can get a lot done, as long as I don’t have too many books with me to distract me.

What about you? Do you write well on planes? Or do you need to have a normal desk and solid ground under your feet to write? Can you write in the car?

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