The Avengers: We Have A Tiger – Part Twelve

At the request of the amazing erinkenobi2893, I’ve decided to post this Avengers fan fiction I wrote a while back. It’s quite long (twenty-eight pages) so it’s going to be split into quite a few parts. I hope that you will all enjoy it!

*DISCLAIMER: This story is based off of the end of The Avengers. There are illusions to spoilers for said movie, so read with caution, but most are not major. Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 3, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, are not taken into account, and have not been watched by the author. That said, enjoy.

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Thor landed on top of a huge building, not even sure what it was, his eyes focused on the warehouse in front of him. Every door, every window was either boarded up or closed, and probably locked. How was he supposed to get in? He jumped down from the building, landing with a thud and sending up a cloud of dust. He began to walk around the building, sizing it up.

A hand gently touched his shoulder, and he spun around. His eyes narrowed and he took a step backward. “Leave me. You are lucky I’m letting you live now. After what you did to me.”

“Please don’t be sore, Thor,” she whispered softly. “I didn’t want to. Really I didn’t.” He arched an eyebrow at her suspiciously. “I didn’t want to do this, either.”

A hand gripped Thor’s arm and spun him around. Loki’s familiar grin was right in his face. “Thank you, my dear Aila,” he sneered, his eyes on Thor’s angry face.

Thor turned to the girl, who had moved off a few paces and leaned against a tree to watch. “You betrayed me,” he snarled.

Aila opened her mouth to reply, but Loki waved his hand impatiently. “Do not try to stall, Thor. Your friends are inside, and, well…” He flashed a crooked grin. “We have been having a little fun. You would not want it to stop being fun, would you?”

Thor glared at Loki. “You need not do this, brother. We can—”

“I must,” Loki said, interrupting Thor. He looked at Aila. “Aila darling, why don’t you go back inside. We may be a while, and I certainly don’t want you to witness this and ruin your beautifully innocent mind.”

“Darling…” Thor hissed. He dove for his brother, fury and hatred bubbling up inside of him, swinging around his hammer. Loki ducked and avoided it. He wrenched his brother’s arm around and unsheathed yet another dagger.

“If this is how you want to play…” Loki began.

Thor threw his hammer, sending it flying straight into his brother’s stomach. The force sent Loki and the hammer crashing into the wall of the warehouse. Loki leapt up the instant he stopped moving and charged Thor, giving him a gash on his arm. “You’ve no hope for your hammer now,” he panted as he pressed his knife to Thor’s throat. He smiled. “Your hammer is now presumably stuck to the same magnet as your friend’s weapons. And the magnet attracts all metals,” he added, seeing the doubt on his brother’s face.

“Oh, please, boys,” Aila pleaded in her silky sweet voice. “You’re going to give us a bad name.”

“I have nothing to do with you,” Thor snarled. “I should have learned by now not to trust Midgard women.”

Loki smiled. “Aila, dear, if I’m giving you and me a bad name, it will only last as long as my dear brother’s life.” He grinned at Thor, the knife still at his adopted brother’s throat. “Which won’t be very long. Darling, maybe you should go inside.”

“I didn’t mean us as a couple,” Aila said sweetly, drawing nearer. “I meant all of us, as Asgardians.” The two men froze, taken aback.

“You’re not an Asgardian,” Loki said. “You told me yourself, and I met your mother.”

“You are right,” Aila said, stepping nearer. “But you are wrong. I told you, and you met my mother. But you didn’t meet my father. I am not Asgardian, but I’m half-Asgardian. My father was from Asgard.”

The brothers were stunned into silence for almost a full minute before Loki spoke. “That is of no consequence now.” He fixed his eyes on his brother. “If you were not such an immediate threat, I would enjoy taking you inside and making you watch the torture and death of each of your friends. As you are and immediate threat, and immediate solution must be performed.” He pushed his brother up against a shriveled tree. “Once and for all,” he hissed in his brother’s ear.

Thor closed his eyes tightly, feeling the coldness of the dagger against his throat. And then a thud, and the dagger was gone. He opened his eyes and saw Loki wrestling with a tiger. Aila? They rolled around on the dying grass, both of them snarling, but one a human snarl, and the other not. He knew he should head for the warehouse while Loki was distracted, but he was frozen in place. He couldn’t move. Why would Aila try to save his life?

A roar of pain echoed across the field, clearly coming from the tiger. Thor felt the urge to help, but he felt helpless without his hammer. He took an unsure step forward, but didn’t move any farther. The tiger – Aila – finally pinned Loki down. Red was mixed in with the orange and black fur, but Loki also had his wounds. He was still struggling, but Aila had him pinned perfectly. She turned back into herself, and Loki went limp as she knocked him unconscious.

Thor still couldn’t move as he watched Aila push herself up off of Loki and gaze down at him, her hand clutching her side. She glanced in Thor’s direction and he finally found the power to move, grasping her other arm. “Why did you do that?” he asked in a whisper, towering over her.

“Because I had to choose,” she said softly. “I had to lose either my freedom, or…” She averted her gaze. “Or you,” she whispered. She turned away from him and walked to the warehouse as he stood staring after her, shocked.