Fan Art And Fanfiction Contest Winners!

Guys, it’s finally time to announce the winners of the IDIA Fan Art And Fanfiction Contest! I didn’t get as many submissions as the first year, but I’m still super excited about the ones I got. It was a really hard decision to make, but I got both fan art and fanfiction. Because only four people submitted, I decided that all of them will receive the bookmarks (yay!!!), but we still have to decide the winners. So let’s see the submissions!


Photo by Deborah O’Carroll

This lovely picture was submitted by Deborah O’Carroll when she received her copy of Lightporter! Isn’t it amazing? It looks so nice with the sky in the background!

Doesn’t this look so cool? This looks like something straight off of the pages of a graphic novel, and I love the touch with the bird mask. It definitely looks like Finch!

Ezra by Elizabeth Michalski

This one is so great! You can tell that it’s Ezra immediately by the purple hair, and the outfit is definitely something she would wear. And on top of that, it’s so well done!

Fiction (You should definitely go read both of these!)

Steel and Shocks: An IDIA-TSS Crossover Fanfic by Sarah Taleweaver

Sarah did an amazing job on this fanfic! The plot is riveting, and all of the characters were in character, too, especially Blaze! It was fun to see the different supers working together.

This is such a sweet fanfic! Marlene does a great job dealing with Finch’s memory loss and his relationship with his girlfriend, not to mention how well she works the songs into the story. It’s such an emotional read!

Let me tell you, these were both really hard decisions to make, and I loved all of the submissions! But it’s time to finally announce the winners…

The Art winner is…

Ezra by Elizabeth Michalski

Elizabeth did such a good job bringing Ezra to life, and she looks ready to go fight some crime! Awesome job!

The Fiction winner is…

Steel and Shocks by Sarah Taleweaver

Sarah did an excellent job bringing all of the characters to life in a fun story, and she managed to get Blaze exactly right! Well done, Sarah!

As I said before, it was sooo hard to make these decisions, which is one of the reasons why this post was so late. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the submissions, and definitely go read both of those fanfics. They’re amazing! If you submitted, I’ll be emailing you shortly about your bookmarks! Thank you so much to everyone who participated!

Twinepathy (Part 37): Dismissed

Hullo, everyone! I’m going to be honest here and tell you that this part was one of my favorites to write. Just because… well, it was fun. Still working on that special announcement for you guys – hopefully I’ll get that finished soon! 🙂 Check out part one if you’re new.

Everyone in the room goes still, except for Jen, The Finch, and Keller. Jen responsible? Causing amnesia somehow? That seems absolutely ridiculous, but… it’s possible, isn’t it?

“What?!” Blaze nearly shrieks. “That’s nuts!”

I hear a low growl from Anvil‘s direction and turn to see his eyes flashing and his fists clenched. I shrink back in my chair and quickly look over at The Finch. He’s leaning forward, contemplating Jen with an interested look.

Jen sighs. “If I could, I would let you go in my head and see that I had nothing to do with it. But I can’t.”

“You mean you won’t,” Keller says, lifting and eyebrow.

“No, I mean that I can’t,” Jen says firmly. “I told you no one’s ever been able to get in my head. I’ve tried to let people in, and it never works.” She motions to the door. “Com can’t even get in – he has to do a special signal thing.” She gives a lopsided smile that looks a little sad. “I’m not really a telepath, anyways.”

“And how do I know that’s the truth?” Keller retorts.

Jen’s computer starts rattling on her desk, and I see Brooklyn grab her earrings out of the corner of my eye. Everything metal on me – zippers, the little metal circle thingies on my shoes, my empty locket necklace – starts vibrating. Jen leaps to her feet. “Cade, you’re dismissed,” she says firmly.


Anvil‘s voice is thick with anger. “Data does. Not. Lie,” he growls, stepping towards Keller. She looks at him, eyes wide, and I think this must be the first time she’s truly been afraid of someone.

“Cade.” Jen’s voice sounds as dangerous as the look in her eye. “You. Are. Dismissed.”

Anvil‘s anger seeps out a little, and the metal in the room stops vibrating. He exhales slowly, then spins on his heel and disappears through the door. Jen relaxes and sits back down in her chair. “Back to it, then. Keller, I can’t prove—”

Keller holds up a hand. “Stop. You’re just going to completely ignore what just happened? He…”

“He did nothing,” Jen says calmly. “You made him angry, but nothing happened, and he didn’t threaten you.”

Keller stares at Jen, then rubs her forehead. “Right. Sure. Go on, then.”

“I can’t prove that I’m not involved,” Jen says quietly. “But we need you if we’re going to find out who is behind it, and as much as I’m sure you hate to admit it, you can’t do it on your own.” Jen leans forward and looks Keller in the eye. “You need us, Keller. Will you join?”

Keller looks from Jen to Maddie, then back to Jen. She sighs. “No, I won’t.” Jen straightens, and Keller continues. “Oh, I’ll help you find this jerk. But I’m not going to join this group. I don’t do well with rules or other people or their secrets.” She gives Jen a pointed look. “I’ll help, but I’m keeping my independence. Got it?”

How can she bargain like that with Jen? Jen’s frowning, but she has a look of quiet respect, too. “We have a deal.” She offers a hand to Keller, and they shake on it.

I clear my throat, and Jen turns to look at me. “I just have one question. Where’s Volt?”

Twinepathy (Part 35): I’d Like You To Meet…

Hullo, everyone! Ready for another part? I am! And there are a few new characters here, too. Enjoy, my friends! Check out Part One if you’re new!

I push the button. But this time, we know what it’s going to do. I look over at Brooklyn. “We really need to get a non-emergency way to contact them.”

She nods. “We can ask Jen about that.”

The instant I had pressed the button, I also started the stopwatch on my phone. I’m just curious. And exactly two minutes and forty-three seconds later, Blaze appears. He looks exhausted. “What?”

“Do you know where Voltage is?” I ask.

Blaze frowns. “No, and if I did know, I wouldn’t be allowed to tell you.”

I gape at him. Is he, Blaze, in a bad mood? Because he sure sounds irritated to me. I look over at Brooklyn, who looks just as surprised as me. “What’s going on?” I ask curiously.

He sighs. “I should be asking you two that. You contacted us just to ask about your brother’s girlfriend?”

“She got an emergency call from her ‘work’ saying that she needed to go in,” I explain. “She ditched Denver for that, so I’m guessing it wasn’t the computer shop calling.”

Blaze tilts his head to the side. “Well. One more thing to check on.” He nods at us. “Don’t worry about her, I’ll check with Jen and get back to you.”

“Wait!” Brooklyn says, grabbing his arm before he can teleport away. “Take us with you. I want to meet Maddie’s sister and talk to Jen about her.” She hesitates. “Besides, I have a feeling something’s wrong.”

Blaze looks at me. “She’s not going to give in, is she?”

I shake my head. “She’s more stubborn about her feelings than I ever am.”

He sighs. “Fine. But you all have to be on your best behavior. Data’s really stressed with all the craziness.”

What craziness? She seemed fine the last time we saw her. What happened? Does it have something to do with Keller? Blaze looks normal, not like he just left a battle or something. Does IDIA do battles? I force myself to relax. “When are we not on our best behavior?” I ask sweetly.

Blaze gives me a death glare. Apparently now is not the time for humor. “Let’s go.” He teleports us, and my eyes adjust to the bright white of the IDIA lobby area. We walk towards the door into Jen’s office, and I notice that there’s a guy sitting at the desk outside Jen’s office. He lifts an eyebrow as we approach and then stands up, blocking our path to the door. We stop in front of him. He’s fairly tall, but not muscular. In spite of that, he’s definitely imposing. I’d guess he’s in his thirties, maybe.

“Do you have clearance?” he asks, his voice deep.

Blaze smirks. “I was enjoying you not being here, Com. You finally finished your vacation, huh?”

The man – Com, apparently – levels a glare at Blaze. “You cannot pass without clearance from Data.”

Blaze sighs. “Still no sense of humor, I see. Data’s expecting us.”

Com’s eyes glaze over, the pupil and iris turning cloudy gray. My jaw drops in shock, and Brooklyn squeaks, her freaked-out squeak. His eyes return to normal a moment later, and he nods. “Data will see you now.”

I pause, grinning, while trying to forget his weird eye thing. “Is that like ‘The doctor will see you now’?”

Com gives me an indifferent stare, and Blaze elbows me. “No sense of humor, remember.”

I frown and follow him into Jen’s office, Maddie and Brooklyn trailing behind. Jen is sitting at her desk with Keller sitting across from her. Keller’s back is to us, but there’s no mistaking that hair. A guy I don’t know, with spiky blond hair and a distracted expression, is sitting on the couch Brooklyn was on before. He’s staring up at the ceiling, not seeming to care about us, or anything for that matter. I’d guess he’s about Denver’s age.

Jen smiles at us. “Hello, girls… and Blaze. Just the people we needed. Pop, this is Keller – your sister and Maddie already met her.” She motions toward the blond guy. “And I’d like for you three to meet The Finch.”

Twinepathy (Part 7): For Now

Hullo, everyone! NO IT’S NOT MONDAY. 😛 I apologize for this post being late. I forgot to pre-schedule it, and I wasn’t able to post it yesterday. Onward! (P.S. Now’s your last chance to join in on the cover reveal! Let me know if you’re interested…) Click here if you’re new!

Brooklyn and I both stare at the spot where Blaze – or whoever (who would name their kid Blaze?) – was standing. I slowly reach out my hand and feel the air where he was. Nothing. I glance over at Brooklyn. “What are we going to do?” I whisper.

She looks at me, frightened. Maddie peeps out of the cushions. “Is he gone?” she asks, looking around.

“For now,” I answer, disliking how ominous it sounds. “He kept referring to ‘us’ and ‘we’. What do you think he was talking about?” I ask Brooklyn, my mind going into mystery solving mode.

She shrugs. “For all we know, he could have multiple personality disorder or something.”

“Like Gollum…” I say thoughtfully. “And by enhanced… Somehow he knows we have powers.”

“He clearly has powers as well,” Brooklyn points out matter-of-factly.

Well duh. “He said something about going to talk to someone, and fixing the problem…” I muse aloud. “And he’s coming back.”

“He’s also cute,” Brooklyn mentions absentmindedly. I roll my eyes. Just what we need. Brooklyn falling head over heels for some weirdo. Brooklyn perks up. “What if we hide, and when he comes back, if he does, we can bash him over the head with something?” She reaches for Mom’s Italian vase again.

I groan. “No, we can’t do that. We’re already sort of hiding an amnesiac, underage kid. We don’t need to add assault to our list of possible crimes.”

She shrugs. “Then you come up with a plan.”

I glance over at Maddie. She’s watching us with fear. Fear of us, or fear of the Blaze guy? Then a thought occurs to me, and I send it to Brooklyn. Do you think she could have powers, too?

Brooklyn and I have always thought we were alone. We’ve never met anyone with powers before, and we know that Mom and Dad and Denver are all “normal.” But now we know for sure that there are other people out there with superpowers. And who knows how many there really could be? Anyone could have powers. Maybe comic books were based off true stories, and superheroes are really real.

Brooklyn just looks shocked at the idea. I sit down next to Maddie on the couch and lean towards her. “Maddie, you said you felt and urge to do something with your hands earlier. Could you show me?”

She looks worried. “I… I could try. I don’t want to hurt anything, though.”

This may not be the most brilliant idea I’ve ever had, but we can hope she doesn’t do anything like start earthquakes or set things on fire. I nod. “Go ahead. But don’t direct anything at me or Brooklyn.”

Maddie nods and turns her gaze to the glass of water on the table. She narrows in on it, then stretches out her hand. Something about the angle of her fingers or her wrist is weird. She closes her eyes and her brow furrows, like she’s trying really hard to concentrate and remember something. I notice the water in the glass slosh a little bit, and then the glass slides across the table into Maddie’s hand.

Whoa! Maddie has powers! Boy, I can’t wait to see what happens next… 😉

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