The Avengers: We Have A Tiger – Part Two

At the request of the amazing erinkenobi2893, I’ve decided to post this Avengers fan fiction I wrote a while back. It’s quite long (twenty-eight pages) so it’s going to be split into quite a few parts. I hope that you will all enjoy it!

*DISCLAIMER: This story is based off of the end of The Avengers. There are illusions to spoilers for said movie, so read with caution, but most are not major. Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 3, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, are not taken into account, and have not been watched by the author. That said, enjoy.

Part One

Tony Stark leaned back in his chair. “So you’re telling me that not only was there a tiger loose in the capitol, but Loki’s escaped from prison?” he asked. He looked around at the others, who nodded. “So Loki has a pet tiger.”

“This is not a joking matter,” Thor said, rubbing his hand absently along the edge of the desk. “Loki was sulking furiously when he was put in his cell. I believe that he means to exact revenge.”

“Let’s start there,” Banner broke in. “How did Loki even get out of prison?” Fury nodded in agreement.

Thor huffed. “We do not know. He was put in his cell, locked in. The only possible option for him to have escaped is for someone to have unlocked the cell and let him out.”

Clint frowned. “I thought you said that—”

“It is inconceivable,” Thor said quickly. “It is impossible for anyone to reach the cells without proper authority. And anyone who would set Loki free would not have the proper authority.”

Fury sighed. “The how is not important at the moment. Right now we should be more worried about the why. And, of course, the where. Where he is now, at least.”

“And again we must turn to the one wearing armor,” Stark muttered.

“Loki did not go out of his way to discuss his plans with me,” Thor said. “But I believe the most plausible reason for him to escape from prison would be to get revenge on us. That is all I can think of at the moment.”

Fury nodded. “We’ll continue to work on this. Any ideas—” Alarms sounded in the building, and everyone leaped to their feet.

“Unauthorized civilian on Level Six,” a mechanical voice repeated.

“We’re on Level Six,” Fury said. Stark ran out of the room, followed by the others, who watched him hurry toward the stairs.

“I’m going to get suited up,” Tony called back to them as he raced up the stairs.

Steve turned to the others. “Natasha, Clint, Banner, you guys stay in the room. We’ll let you know if we need you. Thor and I will try to find the intruder. Got it?”

The others nodded as the alarms continued to blare, and they ducked back into the office. Thor and Steve hurried down the hall, Thor clutching his hammer and Steve holding his shield ready. They turned down the hall and saw a very scared looking girl standing in the middle of the hallway. She was clearly not authorized personnel.

“What are you doing here?” Steve called, holding out his arm and stopping Thor. She started backing away, her blue eyes wide. Steve took one leap forward and grabbed her arm. The girl tried to pull away from him, but she couldn’t escape his grip. She stopped struggling suddenly and Steve turned to Thor. “Can you – oof!” he grunted as the girl slammed her knee into his stomach, causing him to double over. She took off for the stairs.

Thor flung his hammer after her, and she turned around just in time for it to slam into her stomach, sending her flying into the wall with a crash. Thor hurried over and picked up the hammer, and the girl’s fist soared around and connected with his cheekbone, making him stagger sideways. Cap’s shield flew towards her, slamming into her stomach and pushing her farther away from the stairs, but she quickly recovered and rushed to the stairs. She opened the door. Steve was about to yell for help when Tony stepped out of the stairway in his suit. His truly iron grip was secured around her wrists immediately. She didn’t even bother to struggle.

“Good timing, Stark,” Steve said, wiping his forehead.

“Is this seriously the intruder?” Stark asked, studying the girl. “I was expecting Loki.”

“As was I,” Thor agreed.

Steve shrugged. “She’s the only one we saw. She’s certainly not part of SHIELD.” He looked at the girl’s long blond hair and blue eyes.

“Who are you?” Stark asked. The girl’s mouth stayed clamped closed. “I’m surprised she managed to evade you two so well,” he added.

“Let’s take her to Fury,” Steve said. They led the girl down the hall, making sure she didn’t have the opportunity to escape, and took her into the meeting room. The others stood up.

Fury raised an eyebrow. “So, this is our intruder?” he asked. He turned to the girl. “What’s your name?” Her mouth stayed shut, although she seemed to be contemplating something.

“Maybe she’s mute,” Stark grumbled. “She hasn’t said a thing.”

“How’d you get past the guards? Why are you here?” Fury asked her. She still wouldn’t reply. “Are you working for Loki?” She snorted, but she didn’t say anything. Fury sighed. “Put her in a cell. We can—”

“Fury!” Maria Hill called, rushing into the room. “Stark Tower just blew up.”

“What?” Tony asked, the faceplate on his armor sliding back to reveal his shocked face. “How – what…” He turned to Fury. “I’ll go over and check it out.”

Fury nodded. “Cap, Banner, you two get an agent to take you over in one of the jets. Thor, take her to one of the cells.” Everyone hurried off to their tasks. Natasha and Clint stayed in their seats.

“What about us?” Natasha asked when the rest were gone.

“You two and Thor are going to work on interviewing that girl,” Fury replied. “I figured that the two of you would be better at interviewing her than any of the others. There’s also a possibility that Thor could get something out of her, although that’s highly unlikely.”

Hawkeye nodded. “Natasha, you can start. Maybe a girl-to-girl conversation will make her open up.”

Natasha made a face. “I don’t know about that, but I’ll definitely try.”