My Favorite Moments In The Hobbit That Aren’t In The Movie

You would think that when you turn one book into three movies that a lot more would be added, and you wouldn’t have to take anything out. But I was rereading The Hobbit for the first time after watching the movies, and I noticed so many moments that didn’t make it into the movies. While I did enjoy the movies, this reminded me that I will always love the book more. Note: It’s been a while since I watched the movies, so if some of these scenes were actually in the movies and I just forgot them, let me know! I’m also not taking into consideration the extended editions of the Hobbit movies, because I haven’t seen them.

ALSO SPOILERS for the Hobbit book/movies.

(Added note: I found this post in my drafts folder from 3 years ago, so it’s been even longer since I read the book and watched the movies.)


Balin’s Awesomeness

Guys, seriously. Balin was so cool in the book. He’s the dwarf that’s usually the nicest to Bilbo, and he also seems to be the bravest out of the dwarves. After Bilbo gets the ring from Gollum and escapes the goblin caves, he sneaks past Balin, who’s on watch duty. Later, when Balin and the other dwarves finds out about the ring (more on that later), all Balin can do is laugh about how he thought Bilbo was super sneaky. My favorite Balin moment from the book is when the company finally opens the door into the Lonely Mountain. Balin actually walks part of the way with Bilbo. He may not go the whole way, yes, but he’s willing to help the hobbit some of the way. I love the way Tolkien developed the friendship between Bilbo and Balin, and I really missed that in the movie.


More Time With The Eagles

People who have only watched the movies complain sooo much about the eagles. “It’s cheating! It’s so random! Why couldn’t the eagles just take them all the way to the Lonely Mountain?” (And there’s also the whole “Why couldn’t the eagles just fly them to Mount Doom in The Lord of the Rings?” but that’s a discussion for another time.) But in the book, there is so much more that happens when they meet the eagles! Gandalf doesn’t call for the eagles, they just see what’s happening from far off. They also don’t just drop the group off on a random rock; they take them to their eyries, feed them, and let them rest. It’s such a nice scene! Along with that, it explains why the eagles don’t take them all the way to the Lonely Mountain.

The Lord of the Eagles would not take them anywhere near where men lived. “They would shoot at us with their great bows of yew,” he said, “for they would think we were after their sheep. And at other times they would be right. No! we are glad to cheat the goblins of their sport, and glad to repay our thanks to you, but we will not risk ourselves for dwarves in the southward plains.”

Basically, the book handled the eagles much better (and explained everything more thoroughly), and I’m sad the eagles weren’t more present in the film. Also, yes, the eagles talked. It was awesome. 😀


Meeting Beorn

This is one of the funniest scenes in the whole book, and one of my favorites. I was sad to see that it didn’t make it into the movie (although I did see a clip of this on Youtube from the extended editions, but it was very different and not as funny as in the book because of the changes). I would post the scene here, because it’s wonderful, but it’s also five pages, so… maybe not. Basically, it was made clear in the book that Beorn only changed shape at night, and the dwarves and company weren’t chased to Beorn’s house, and Gandalf had to come up with a clever way to introduce them, and did so by telling the tale of their travels to Beorn. It was so cleverly done that Beorn didn’t turn them away and agreed to help them. I found it a much more intriguing introduction to the character. I feel like the movie version was done just to add in some tension. But the scene in the book has tension, too, as Beorn specifically warns them not to go outside after nightfall, at their own peril. I feel like the movie had no need to change that scene (not to mention how Beorn looks…).


Bilbo Teasing The Spiders

In the movie, the scene where Bilbo is trying to save his friends from the spiders is tense and frightening. However, during the same scene in the books, Bilbo taunts the spiders, using the ring to turn himself invisible while he calls them names and teases them. It was an interesting scene, and it showed Bilbo cleverly tricking the spiders. I’d also like to point out that the dwarves were captured by the spiders in a completely different way in the book, too.


Bilbo Giving The Elvenking A Necklace

This scene took about two paragraphs in the book, but it was a really sweet scene. Bilbo is on his way home with Gandalf, and they join up with the elves until they reach Mirkwood. When they split ways, Bilbo gives the Elvenking (who is actually not called Thranduil and is just referred to as the Elvenking) a necklace.

“I beg of you,” said Bilbo stammering and standing on one foot, “to accept this gift!” and he brought out a necklace of silver and pearls that Dain had given him at their parting.

“In what way have I earned such a gift, O hobbit?” said the king.

“Well, er, I thought, don’t you know,” said Bilbo rather confused, “that, er, some little return should be made for your, er, hospitality. I mean even a burglar has his feelings. I have drunk much of your wine and eaten much of your bread.”

“I will take your gift, O Bilbo the Magnificent!” said the king gravely. “And I name you elf-friend and blessed. May your shadow never grow less (or stealing would be too easy)! Farewell!”

Isn’t that so awesome?!?! It fits Bilbo’s character perfectly and also shows how he wants to be honest, in spite of his position as burglar. It’s just a really great scene that would be pretty easy to add in.


These are just a few of the things the Hobbit movies left out from the books! What are your thoughts on these movies, and the books? Were there other things you wish had made it into the movies? Let me know in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “My Favorite Moments In The Hobbit That Aren’t In The Movie

  1. YESSSSSSSSSS. I could literally write a ginormous essay on why the movies ruined everything. Buuut I’ll spare you on that rant and instead just nod vigorously at ALL you mentioned here. ESPECIALLY BEORN. I was FURIOUS. SO SO FURIOUS when they changed that scene. That is one of THE most hilarious, most delightful scenes in the entire book, and they just got rid of it and put some silly action scene instead??? NO. RUDE. That was the big problem with the movies: they took out the lighthearted, humorous nature to be replaced with intense and dark moments and it just…didn’t work.

    Ahem. But I said I’ll spare with my rant so I’ll stop there. XD BUT I LOVED THIS POST!

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    • YESSSS. The Beorn scene was the one I was so excited to see and then… nothing!!! UGH. Honestly that was the missing scene that made me do this post. They completely ignored all the parts that made it a fun kids’ story. Also if you did write an essay on this, I would so read it and wholeheartedly agree!! XD

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  2. Aww! This is such a fun, wholesome post!! I’ll admit, I’m the same as you – I haven’t read the book in YEARS, and I haven’t watched the movies in forever. But I definitely feel like for 9 hours of movies, they could have fit in all of the scenes from a 200 pg book 😂

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  3. Nice post! Personally, I adore both the book and the movies (*GASP!*), but I agree that there are a few things in the movies that I didn’t like/missed from the book.

    I have actually only seen the extended versions of the movies (except for the Battle of the Five Armies since it’s rated R; I’ve seen the normal, theatrical version of that one). In the extended edition of The Desolation of Smaug, though, Balin does actually go part of the way with Bilbo which was a nice touch (and was also in the book 🙂 ).

    I have mixed feelings about the character of Thranduil in general. I think that he was more gracious and noble in the book (although still not incredibly so XD), but in the movie, he seemed completely cold and unforgiving. Actually, Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy made me think of Thranduil in the movies (which makes sense, I suppose, since they were both played by Lee Pace), except for the fact that Thranduil is definitely not as evil as Ronan. 🙂 At the same time, though, I can’t imagine a better actor for Thranduil than Lee Pace, so…*shrugs* Like I said, mixed feelings. XD

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    • I’m glad you enjoy them both!! Honestly, the Hobbit movies aren’t the worst book-to-movie adaptations I’ve seen, and they did a lot of things pretty well. And I have to say I ADORE Martin Freeman as Bilbo. He does an awesome job. 😀

      I’d definitely like to watch the extended editions of the Hobbit movies (minus Five Armies) at some point! I’d like to see if those make them a little closer to the book.

      Yeah, Lee Pace definitely got the regal part down for Thranduil, but it came off a little too snobby for me. But like you said, I can’t think of anyone who would’ve done better. 😀

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  4. Indeed. I think Peter Jackson just didn’t want to have birds talk (hence he also left out Roäc and basically the thrush).

    One part I was also annoyed about is that they basically reduced Bomber to an overweight comedy character without giving him the good parts of his personality.

    They also made Bilbo a bit different and certainly it shows in how he gave the Elvenking the necklace. A lot of his awkward and comical “hobbitry” was lost, as well as his kind-hearted nature. Another point is how they left out Bilbo returning the keys to the guard to keep him from getting in more trouble.

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