Lightporter Cover Reveal Sign-Up!!!

Hullo, everyone! I have a super exciting post for today! I just recently finished putting together the final touches for the cover of Lightporter, the second book in the IDIA series. I’m so excited, and I can’t wait for you guys to see it! I’d also love for you guys to participate by posting about the cover reveal on your own blogs and/or other social media. The cover reveal will be on June 1st, and you can sign up below to participate.

Note: If June 1st doesn’t work for you, you’re completely welcome to post a day or two after, too. Just note that in the “Anything Else?” section on the sign-up form.

Comment below with questions (or if you just want to celebrate)!

21 thoughts on “Lightporter Cover Reveal Sign-Up!!!

  1. . . . Why does storming everything awesome in the blogging world happen when I can’t be at the computer for it? It’s rusting unfair, it is.

    I signed up. It is a tentative signup, because the first week of June is when I tend to take my hiatus from the interwebs. But if I am still here, I will participate. Actually, I could probably schedule the post beforehand if you actually send me the stuff on time and not the day before I was supposed to post, but we’ll see.

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