The Prisoner And His Mother – An Avengers AU Fanfic

Ha! You thought this would be Jen’s interview, didn’t you? Or an extra part? Unfortunately, no. But, fortunately, it’s an Avengers alternate universe fanfic! I don’t want to spoil it… so enjoy! 😀

Five people occupied the Quinjet, flying through the dark night. Natasha Romanoff sat in the front, piloting them to the Helicarrier, her nameless copilot at her side. Tony Stark, in his Iron Man suit, and Steve Rogers, brandishing his shield, monitored the prisoner in the back.

And then there was the prisoner himself. Bound and captured, he looked uncomfortable, but there was still a spark of humor that gave off the impression that he was inwardly laughing at their stupidity. He may have been beaten and caught, but he was still Loki. Nothing would really change that.

Then Loki got an odd look on his face and looked around in surprise. Steve Rogers looked at him as lightning blasted overhead. “What’s wrong? Scared of a little lightning?”

It didn’t happen suddenly, but it happened in a matter of seconds. One moment, the space in between the front of the Quinjet and the back was empty, and, in the next moment, she occupied the space. She faded in gently, silently, bringing the soft breeze of her aura with her.

“What—!” Tony exclaimed, the face mask on his armor slamming shut as he pointed his palm thrusters at the intruder. Steve spun to face her, and the jet wobbled under their feet as Natasha turned to see what was going on. The woman gazed calmly at them all, her eyes challenging, her golden dress and long tresses not moving, as if she knew that one movement would get her killed. Her penetrating gaze turned to Loki.

“Mother?” he said breathlessly, his face fighting to hide his emotions but failing miserably. Grief, shock, longing, and ultimately pain flashed across his face.

“Mother?” Steve repeated, lowering his shield slightly, caught off guard.

Frigga approached Loki, careful to avoid making sudden moves. “My son,” she whispered, gently touching his cheek.

Loki lifted his cuffed hands and held hers. “Mother,” he whispered.

“We thought you dead, my son.” Frigga placed her other hand on his. “And then we hear that you have plotted to control Midgard. Do you wish to anger your father?”

Fire leaped into Loki’s eyes. “He is not my father,” he hissed. Tony’s palm thrusters glowed brighter.

Frigga gave Loki a sad look. “Then I am not your mother.” Loki’s forehead wrinkled in dismay, and he clasped his mother’s hands tighter. “Give up this foolish plan, and return home,” Frigga pleaded.

Loki paused. “I must prove that I am a capable ruler,” he insisted, his voice faltering.

“You need not do this,” Frigga said softly. “Come home, Loki. Come home, my son.”

Loki bowed his head. For a long moment, all was silent. “I will.” His voice was barely audible.

Frigga lifted his chin and smiled tenderly at him. She stood up, facing Tony and Steve. “Protectors of Midgard, I request permission to take my son back to Asgard.”

“Asgard?” Steve repeated. “Fury said he wasn’t from around here…”

“Can you guarantee that he won’t go all Dark Lord on us again?” Tony’s voice was robot-like through the suit.

Frigga showed no signs of confusion at the reference. “He will no longer be a threat.” She placed her hand on Loki’s shoulder as he watched the two soldiers.

“Guys…” Natasha began from the front. “We—”

“Sure,” Tony said, waving a hand at the two Asgardians. They instantly disappeared, a green and gold glow lingering for a few seconds before fading.

“We still don’t know where the Tesseract is,” Natasha finished with a sigh.

Mwa-ha! This isn’t a series, before you ask. Just a little standalone. What do you think? Do you think that Odin should have sent Frigga instead of Thor? Comment below, my friends!


10 thoughts on “The Prisoner And His Mother – An Avengers AU Fanfic

  1. I think Odin should have originally sent Thor, then changed his mind without telling Thor.
    Thor arrives in a crash of thunder, hammer half raised: “Uh, there was someone I was supposed to manhandle. Where did he go?”
    Stark: Mama came and bailed him.
    Thor: What?! FATHER! *returns to Asgard not sure if he should be happy or angry that he didn’t get to have a throw-down*

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