Tales From The Writers’ Desk: Crazy Drivers

This tale has been sitting for a long time… in my imagination, that is. I started writing it when I got my drivers’ license… three months ago. 😀 Enjoy!

I slam the door to my office and slump down into my swivel chair. I blow out a breath and growl, pushing my hair out of my face. The door opens slightly and Benedict steps in. “Trouble on the way here?”

I groan. “I hate driving. Honestly, what’s with people on the roads? Everyone drives so slow!”

Benedict sits down in the interview chair. “Really?”

I sigh. “Yes! There was this jerk in front of me who was just inching along! I was stuck behind him for over a mile, and I couldn’t pass him, thanks to all the other cars whizzing past. So I had to wait until I got to Lava Java.” I growl. “Thank goodness he didn’t stop, too.”

“That’s interesting,” Benedict says.

I frown. “Why?”

“Well, on my way to work today, there was a person riding my bumper almost the whole time.” He leans back in the chair. “I was quite relieved when they turned into Lava Java Coffee Shop.”

My face heats up. “Um…” This is awkward…

Benedict gives me a half grin. “Don’t worry about it. But you may want to work on patience… and your driving.”

Time to chat! Do you drive? Which one are you: the speeder or the slowpoke? (I’m the slowpoke…) Ever had an experience like this? Comment below!

**Author’s note: I’ve got a surprise coming tomorrow… **

31 thoughts on “Tales From The Writers’ Desk: Crazy Drivers

  1. Haha, love it! XD Benidict is such a good sport….
    I’m still learning to drive. The lessons kinda dropped for a while after the whole brick incident. 😛
    Dad says how he deals with slow drivers is he imagines that they’re my mom. He taught her to drive when I was a baby, whereas he learned to drive just as soon as he could. XD that’s dad for ya…

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  2. I can drive. I don’t like doing it, generally. And I’ve been both the slowpoke and the speeder, but I’m mostly the slowpoke . . . which, honestly, means I go the speed limit or five miles under. (I’m from northern VA; everyone seems to go five or ten miles above the speed limit, at least on the larger roads.) But when I get stuck behind someone going even slower . . .urgh. 😛

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    • If I can avoid driving, I will. And yaaaaas, that’s what it’s like here, too!!!! Why does everyone have to be going at least the speed limit, more likely faster?
      And yeah, when I get stuck behind people going slower than me, I usually just freak out because I don’t want to rear end them on accident. 😛

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