The Hospital: An Open Pen Critique

Hullo, everyone! Gabrielle over at Write For The King has posted a short snippet of mine for a sort of group critique called Open Pen. I’d love to have all of you critique it as well! Hope you enjoy!

Write for the King

Our first critique is from proverbs31teen who blogs over at The World of the Writer. She is looking for what we like and dislike about the piece, along with any improvement suggestions.

If you happen upon this page, I know that Bri would love for you to give your opinion on her work. Your critique doesn’t have to be long, but I know it would be appreciated 😉

Thanks for letting us read your work, Bri,  and I hope that you find these critiques helpful!

If you would like a piece of your own work critiqued, please head over to the tab, Open Pen, or you can click on the link here.

I hear the whir of the hospital’s automatic door opening and feel my way out with the cane. A cold breeze bites into my skin when I step onto the sidewalk outside, and I inhale deeply. It smells cold…

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