#SomethingTomBradyHunts (And Captain America, Too)

If there was ever any doubt before about who I would be cheering for in the Super Bowl, this article squashes all doubts. πŸ˜€ (Special thanks to my dad for sending me this – I certainly don’t keep up with football bets…)

Go Patriots. ❀

23 thoughts on “#SomethingTomBradyHunts (And Captain America, Too)

  1. *rolls on floor laughing* OH. MY. GOODNESS. X-D
    I’m supposed to have team loyalties, especially since I’m going to this state college somewhere in the midwest ( πŸ˜› ) but after this, I’m cheering for the Patriots too. X-P WHERE IS IRIS?! She must see this!
    Also, hilariousness: Iris moved from one state to here (before moving back) and a couple of years ago our team were playing their team and her dad was watching the game, and she was on the phone with me, and her dad is like, “Iris, come on! You’ve got to watch the game, it’s (their team) vs. (ours)!” And she said, “Which one are we rooting for, again?” *rolls on floor laughing* It was the funniest thing I had ever heard!!!!

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      • Ohhhh, that would be SO AWESOME! I’m supposed to have loyalties, but in my opinion, it was an idiotic thing to do to let the coach go in the middle of the season. He was good at what he did, too. I guess that the managers were just bored because he was going pretty steady (no major wins, but we didn’t have a losing season), also it could be that they were motivated by the ridiculousness known as “diversity” and “affirmative action.” If someone is good at their job then you let them do it, regardless of skin color, and that’s all there is to it! Ugh.
        I’m sorry, I’ve just heard WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE patting themselves on the back for not being racist when all they’re really doing is swirling the dregs and not DUMPING THEM OUT! Ugh! I’m so annoyed. The answer is not really affirmative action. The answer should be to change attitudes. But since people have a hard time changing their attitudes, we have to resort to legal stuff and as a result we end up with a mess. *growls*

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    • XD We tend to watch the Super Bowl together. Sort of a tradition. When one of my favorite teams isn’t in the Super Bowl, I watch for the commercials. Because Super Bowl commercials are the best. I’m glad I have recruited you for the cheering squad… πŸ˜€


  2. *sighs* I follow football like crazy. While I love Captain America, I absolutely can NOT root for the Pats. I really, really dislike their quarterback, Tom Brady, and have vowed never to root for him or his team. Sorry, Chris Evans. xP

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  3. Heyy just wanted to say thanks for reblogging my post!
    And although I’m a Steelers fan, I’m voting for the Patriots in the Super Bowl πŸ˜‰


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