To All The Squirrels…

Here’s to all the squirrels!

Proverbs 31 Teen

Before my day gets too busy, here’s a post for all of the squirrels that follow my blog.

May your day be filled with nuts and warmth,

And all your family close around.

May you not be chased or eaten by my dog…

Have a Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

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11 thoughts on “To All The Squirrels…

    I had an idea for an Avengers-In-Redwall fic. πŸ˜› Looking up American species of hares, just to be accurate ;-P Clint is a squirrel with a dry sense of humor. Natasha’s a fox (never mind that there never was a “good” fox in the original series, because there could have been), because she’s clever and a spy and defected from the Soviets ;-P Tony is a fast-talking shrew (inside joke), who sometimes annoys everyone; Thor is an otter (because!) Steve is a shy, quiet hare on loan to Salamandastron… ;-D
    I also apparently have various Avengers/literature headcanons. For instance, on reading the Foreword on “The Lord of the Rings” Steve starts to cry because he was in WWII and it hits too close to home (you’ll know what I mean if you’ve read the Foreward), and Steve enjoys Redwall, partly because some of the hares (especially Major Mullein!) remind him of Falsworth. He walks into the kitchen one day and Natasha is listening to Redwall without her headphones, just as one of the characters in “The Long Patrol” is barking out an order and Cap just reflexively snaps to attention before realizing it’s an audiobook…

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      • It would be a little like a melding of the Salamandastron and Mossflower Irregulars border patrol culture with what’s going on nowadays with the Avengers. πŸ˜‰ Also, which Badger Lord would they be under? I can totally see Phillips as a Salamandastron hare. Nick Fury would TOTALLY be Skipper of Otters. X-D


        • REDWALL!!! X-D
          If you have not read it (or “Ranger’s Apprentice”, which is by John R. Flanagan) you absolutely must!!! The Redwall books were written by the late, great Brian Jacques. Also check out Castaways of the Flying Dutchman. It’s tailored to an older audience; I’d call it historic high fantasy, or even urban historic fantasy minus the grit. A-maz-ing stuff.


        • Yep, that’s the one you recommended. πŸ˜› *checks list* Okay, so Redwall, Ranger’s Apprentice, Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, Howl’s Moving Castle… ANYTHING ELSE ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO ADD TO MY TO-READ LIST???? πŸ˜€


        • I like WWII… have you read “The Borrowed House” and “Enemy Brothers”? “Borrowed House” is a little bit different from the author’s usual lighthearted fare (Oh, why can’t I remember her name?! She was born in Holland but wrote in the US, and “Friendly Gables,” another of her books/series has an installment in WWII, but it’s aimed at a younger audience…) and “Enemy Brothers” is written by Constance Savery who is an all-around good writer of historical fiction.


        • Neither. I tend to buy the ones that are free on Kindle. “The Crimson Cipher” by Susan Page Davis is really good. Uh…. It’s not WWII, but “Jefferson Burke and the Secret of the Lost Scroll” by Ace Collins is reeeeeally good. Although I lost track of the number of people who died…. *adds it to re-read list*


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