Friday Fiction Challenge: 7-18-14

A challenge to help you write, get you thinking, and spark some creativity! Add a link to your response in the comments below and link back to this post. If you just decide to answer the question, and itโ€™s not a full length post, feel free to just comment with your answer. Be creative and have fun!

The Question

Do you prefer writing in first person or third person? Why?

The Challenge

If you like writing in first person, write a story about yourself in the third person. If you like writing in third person, write a story from someone else’s point of view in first person.

5 thoughts on “Friday Fiction Challenge: 7-18-14

  1. I like writing in third person because I’ve always written in third person, and if you write in first person, you know that person doesn’t die….usually.


    • I agree. I like switching it up every once in a while, just to keep myself on my toes. And that is a plus to first person, and that’s why I started worrying the first time I read a Sherlock Holmes story that wasn’t written from Watson’s point of view. I thought he was going to die. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Is it cheating to say that I love both? It just depends on the story which I use. Some lend themselves more to first person; some are better in third. Lately I’ve been doing mostly third, but that’s because I’m mostly writing novels with two-four MCs.


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