Writings About Writing – Lack of Motivation

We all suffer from a lack of motivation sometimes. If you don’t… please tell me how. (That’s the same thing I said when someone told me they didn’t backwash.)

You have to have motivation to write. Otherwise, you’ll get bored with your writing, and that’ll translate into your writing and make it boring for the readers. The best way to get motivated? In my opinion…

Write something fun.

Find a goofy prompt online, and write a short story based off of that. Try doing some stream-of-consciousness writing (writing down your thoughts). That can be really fun. Other ideas? Write about one of your funniest memories. Write a letter to your future self. Have a chat with one of your fictional characters and write it down. (I suggest that you don’t take your character out for coffee to do this interview. If you do, videotape it. Please.) Write a story in which you take a character out for coffee and get odd looks from strangers. Write a post about how to conquer a lack of motivation. This one works, guys. Trust me. 😉

There’s so many more ideas out there. There’s so many other ways, too. Lack of motivation doesn’t have to last long, and there’s plenty of different options to fix it. So get motivated!

What are some of your favorite ways to get motivated? Have you ever taken a character out to coffee? Tell me in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Writings About Writing – Lack of Motivation

  1. Hmm, and people think I’m odd for asking my cats to be beta readers. 😉 LOL! I usually get motivated when I go to the movies and see something that I actually want to see. Yes, while I’m trying to focus on something else, that’s when all my ideas for new books or ways to develop the characters I already have start screaming at me and make me lose focus on the movie that I wanted to see. 😉 I like your coffee idea better. 😀


    • Oh, yes, and now I’m going to have to try it. I like that idea. I know that some of my best ideas come when I’m not thinking about writing at all, even sometimes when I’m doing schoolwork. I would try to get my dog to be a beta reader, but… let’s just say she’d probably either fall asleep or put her toy in my lap or bark at me. 😉


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